Baby Car Safety Seat

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This adorable baby car safety seat is good for babies from one to over 4 years old.

The following conditions were adhered to in producing the seats:

1. Use non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly materials. The design is reasonable.

2. Using children's sterile cotton, selected materials are specially selected. Use soft, breathable and sweaty material in the contact area. It also has a sponge layer to allow the baby to sit comfortably.

3. Dorsal side has strong stereo feeling, natural, safe, comfortable contact. The abdominal pad not only protects the body effectively, but also allows the leg to move freely.

4. The product is designed in strict accordance with the ergonomic design of children and has many protective and fixed parts to make your baby more comfortable and safe in the car.

5. Direct, easy to remove and assemble, more convenient to clean.

Fabric: sterile cotton, mesh fabric




Please note that this product may take 2-4 weeks depending on destination country.