Abdomen Fitness Waist Stick

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Material: silicone, imported batteries, the Japanese protection board

Specifications :23 * 21 * 5


Intelligent fitness instrument abdomen affixed to the movement of muscle fitness equipment, every day twenty-five minutes, plastic artifact, reduce the meat muscle to get a key.

EMS technology from the farewell sweat movement, EMS is a controllable safety and stability of the pulse energy, the release peak of 600 times / sec, very good with the CSL technology to complete muscle movement.


Built-in 13 kinds of frequency conversion technology, red loose to shrink, cycle exercise, wake up muscle state

9 adjustable strength, with the training program to increase the intensity, increase muscle. Use 25 minutes, the equivalent of 1500 meters, the volume of abdominal muscles for 30 minutes, swimming for 30 minutes.