HD Camcorder Sunglasses

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This is an HD-DV sunglasses, you can shoot high-definition video, shooting high-quality photos, multi-functional sports sunglasses, support Micro SD (TF) card, simple operation, elegant design, small size, easy to carry. This is a good tool for archers, hunting, fishing, police, travel and life. It can record real life in every memorable moment, men and women smooth and elegant design, favored by the users.

 How this product operates:

A) Shooting / taking pictures / shooting

On: Press the button to turn on the device. Then the blue light is on and the device starts to initialize

Camera shooting: standby mode, long press the power button for about 2 seconds, three consecutive flashing blue, into the camera mode, short press the power button, blue light, pause the video and complete the video file.

B) Press the button for 3 seconds, the blue light flashes three times, the work indicator (blue) and the power indicator (red) are lit at the same time, then the device automatically saves the file and closes

C) Reset:

If the device does not work properly and you can not record it, press the reset button to reset it

D) Time setting:

1. First insert the TF card, connect the computer, you will find a new removable disk

2. Open the "Time" text document, enter the time to set the string, the string by the "year. Month.Day hours.minutes.seconds show / hide flag", set the time as follows:

As time goes on: 2013-11-2823: 59: 59

a. The above time string is the time you want to set, pay attention to the space between months and hours of minutes,

b. The installation time of the file has been copied to the root directory, uninstall the hardware, boot, complete the installation time.

c. The reinstalled time will be saved to the camera.

E) PC Camera:

When using the computer USB interface to connect the device, you can press the power button, you can enter the PC Camera (web camera) mode. In this mode, your camera can be used as a PC camera, with friends online video chat, take pictures and so on. Connect the computer to the USB port or charger. The red light blinks slowly during charging. The green LED lights when the battery is fully charged

 The following are products specifications:


Frame Rate:30FPS

PlaySoftwareThe operating system self bringing or the mainstream video player software

SystemSupport:Win7/WinMe/WinXP/Win2000/Vista/Mac Os10.5

MicroSD (TF), up to 32GB

BatteryType:500mAh polymer lithium battery




1. Please insert the memory card before use, the item does not include the memory card, if necessary, please visit our store to buy separately!

2. When you pick up the memory card, first turn off, avoid data loss or damage to the device and TF card

3. When the memory card is full or no card, the red and blue lights flash quickly, and then automatically save the data and turn off

Do not turn the camera toward the sun, otherwise it will damage the camera

4. Depending on the computer system or configuration, if the computer can not enter the camera function, but into the Udisk, the computer may not be able to detect the camera function at a time. Please remove the camera and reconnect it to the computer;

5. If the device does not start or the blue light flashes quickly, most of the time the battery does not need to be charged. The first three times, it is recommended that you charge the battery for 5 hours for best performance.




Delivery might take between 8-24 days depending on destination